i thought it was a sad, handwritten book

Mississippi Hippie

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1yd by 3yds acrylic.. spray paint 🎨 frame made by my dad! It looks amazing to me!! And is perfect for the place it’s hanging that has an amazing view of Chicago,IL 🇺🇸 downtown 😊 made a few months ago... I really like it ... I made it at a former marina turned public park in the FL Keys where I live 🏝 ... I saw a manatee that swam right up next to me during the making of this! He swam right up next to the sea wall.
This is cool, nice balance of shapes and I like the colours. You are so lucky having a manatee come to watch, always wanted to see one:)
Welcome to the forum. A very nice abstract you've got there, with a real feeling of wateryness, if that's a word. What luck to encounter a manatee!
Your painting looks great in that frame! I see lots of blues and greens from the marina and the part about the manatee is really special.