I Think This Maybe The Last ...



... the last landscape post. 16 x 20 Oil on Panel .. Alla Prima .. a step closer to eXpressionism, should I be able to incorporate those facets I see in the bottom 1/3 of this landscape
I love this one! The greens are great contrast to each other.
This is wonderful, but I'm sad it will be your last. Do you mean the last landscape? Or your last piece for a while? I can't imagine the latter. Loving the bits/patch of bright yellow and green in this one.
Thank you Sno and Arty

Last landscape for awhile as one can never say never. I need to look into some new windows and awaken my imagination. I could never quit painting: I am an artist and artist's paint.
That is so juicy Wayne! I hope you will still post the results of your new directions on here!
I really enjoy your landscapes, it'll be interesting to see the direction you take😉