A Day In The Bush


Winter In The Bush.jpg

12 x 16 inches .. oil on Panel .. painted Dec 23
Painted this and then decided the front needed more than snow so I add the bush and grass. Thats' why it's not alla prima.
This one is very nice. The front baby tree could maybe use a dab or two of snow, but very good. ❤️ ❄️
I agree with your decision to work more on the foreground. This piece has all your usual lovely colors in addition to the added balance you gave it. Beautiful work! ❤️
Gorgeous! What is it about snow on the ground? Does it make the trees stand out more than usual? Does it make us notice the color of the light? Whatever it is, you do it really well, Wayne.
Thank you Jo, Terri, Donna. amd Puapka

More Snow for Sno

Donna .. I think it's the contrast but snow takes a bit to get it right. I used to plein air outdoors in winter when young and I liked it because there was no one around to see my mess. Since then I learned to paint.

Another great one for me. I see what sno was talking about, but I wouldn't have noticed. ♥️

Am I going crazy, or are you thanking people who have not commented on this thread? :unsure:🤪
Thanks Ayin. I thank the ones who post a like or whatever. They don’t comment but if I see them I thank them. Maybe I shouldn’t as they don’t take time to come in snd say hello. They just fire a snowball with a sticker on it. 🤣🤣