Hello from Kansas


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Hello everyone! I probably won’t be a frequent flier, but I enjoy lurking now and then. One of the things I’m looking forward to in retirement (still a few years away) is participating in some of the monthly water media challenges. I’m fairly new to watercolor and looking forward to learning more.

Hello and welcome, Julie! It will be nice to see your watercolors someday!
Hello, Julie! The watermedia challenges are always fun here - hope you can carve out some time to participate :)
Welcome to Creative Spark, Julie! It's wonderful that you've discovered watercolors and I hope this forum can help you with your journey. :)

Looking forward to seeing your work, as time permits!
Hi Julie! Welcome aboard. Great to have you. Looking forward to seeing you around as time permits. ♥️
Welcome Julie! Make yourself at home and fly as often as you can. We look forward to getting to know you.
Hi Julie and welcome to Creative Spark 👋 Watercolours are challenging but fun! Looking forward to seeing some of your work. 🙂
Hello and welcome, Julie, so glad you've decided to join us. We have a monthly Watermedia challenge so hope you will pop in there and lurk awhile then participate when you can.