I was just watching a doc about abstracted designed The second segment features Neri Oxman who makes art out of strictly organic elements. It's rather interesting: Abstract: The Art Of Deign on Netflix.
Wow, that's pretty cool.

Bacteria are the real rulers of this planet--always have been.
Indeed. And what's also cool is that we are also a result of them.

Xtreme Love , Holly Herndon

The last question was asked
For the first time when we stepped into the light
Just before then, it was wild
Microbes still swarmed through our body:
Those minds inside us and crawling at our feet
Exerting their weird controls
We always knew they were there
But didn't really understand them
We couldn't see them, but they were watching over us the whole time
If we listened carefully
We could hear these little rulers in our gut
They worked together, naturally decentralized
Their form was spread out, unlike ours used to be
They knew how to get us to spread their families
Making us sneeze, or cough, or rub our nose
Or even give a kiss
Thriving in extreme conditions
They proved to be more fit
Better at taking the next leap
There was no doubt they could travel through space
Distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, comets, planetoids and spacecraft
They might carry something of us as a parasite to the future
Here at the edge of the world
We're calling you to join us, Ancestor+
In the Communion of Open Pores
Existence is no longer enclosed in the body
We are not a collection of individuals
But a macroorganism living as an ecosystem
We are completely outside ourselves
And the world is completely inside us