Hollywood Hills


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18"x14" oil on panel
comments welcomed

Thanks people. I want to re-work the dead figure - do a better job and have him fully clothed, so it reads more like a suicide than a drowning.
Thanks SLG - I like Fischl's work and what he has to say about gestures and expressions. My only caveat is his occasional use of imagery of minors in sexually suggestive scenes often with adults. I can't help but think the purpose of such is to draw attention/controversy/sales. A shame too because he is a formidable artist and speaker.
The lighting here is so well done, all through the painting. The roofline strikes me as very mid century art deco in its lines, very Hollywood indeed. You nailed the color of pool water when the underwater lights glow through it.

The whole thing is a real winner. I will tell you that I took the person as a swimmer, not a floater, at first glance.
You are a master at communicating a feeling in nighttime. I can really imagine being at this spot. The lighting and hues are just perfect. Now the dead body is quite another matter...I, too, like Terri, at first thought it was someone just floating, but then the position of the arms...hmmm
Thanks guys. many times I've tried to paint a swimming pool at night. This is the closest I've come so far. Thanks for the encouragement.
FWIW, my first thought of the body, was, it's a body...
so you are successful in that, as well as all the rest: ligihting, coloring, eetc.Nice work.