I Love Dicks


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Dick's is a much-beloved hamburger drive-in chain in Seattle.


Dick's - 18" x 24 " oil on panel
comments welcomed
Fabulous! The sign alone makes me smile. ❤️ Wonderful street scene, Bongo.
Ayin,Wayne,Terri- Thank you!

I tried to use the same colors that Dick's uses. The color scheme reminds me of those used in comic books back in the day

I had tried to do a plein air of a Dick's including the big fifties-style rotating sign they have in front but I only had a little over an hour before daylight ran out - and the scene would have required at least 3 hours. It's been raining ever since so no chance to go back, so I did this instead.
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I agree with all of the above: awesome, fabulous and wonderful! I love the graphic appeal of this one!