Holiday Music?


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I started a discussion on favorite paintings (or other works of visual art) that remind you of the holidays. I thought I'd ask you if you have any favorite works of music that you have been listening to for the holidays.

Among the Classical Christmas recordings I have listened to over the past week there were but a few:




Most of what I have been listening to is a huge Spotify playlist (made by me) that includes classical, medieval, pop, jazz, standards, etc:


light of the stable.jpg





Thanks for posting this, SLG, several new to me albums. Would like to hear some samples.
Wow ! What an unexpected Christmas gift !

Thanks, SLG.

The Yo Yo Ma one was the most serious musically to me with deep meaning and enjoyable. The
echos of the Big Band era in the Cullum piece was great and the Kenny Burrell piece was very pretty. '..Home for Christmas' brought back being in the Army overseas.


Happy New Year!
Zoe Dechannel , She e Him , :love:
but so many incredible albums, Elvis is there too, thank you.
I have to look for, hear several that particularly attract or intrigue me, even to charlie brown crismas.
update, hear now
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental),
Over time I have made a variety of playlists on Spotify that are quite big: 100 hours+. I have playlists of Jazz, Blues, Pop, Bluegrass/Country, etc... I'll set them on scramble and end up with something like a radio of favorite works without commercials. More frequently, I'll listen to entire albums by my favorite artists in every genre... but around Christmas, we just put the big playlist on scramble and listen to the broadest variety of music. The albums I posted don't even begin to cover what I have on that playlist.
I generally hate holiday music, but the Windham Hill Winter Solstice collections are really nice. I have one on vinyl. I should listen to it again. I like George Winston. But lately I've been into "amplified history from early medieval northern Europe music". I guess after 2020 I don't have the patience for the sweet and nice. :)

strong . big playlist and all the addition , new post look interesting

today and days ago I am listening a lot to this of the killers.