Hello, my name is Juan Pablo, I've been a long time lurker at WC and just learned about this place, I look forward to actually participate in these forums!

I'm a software engineer during the day, but my passion is art and have been more serious in the last couple of years, I currently paint with oils and watercolors having previously done acrylics.

C'mon Sno! You work in every medium known to man... or woman. Welcome Tinkertrain!
Thank you all!

I grew increasingly frustrated with acrylics and I initially chose them only because of misinformation (and assumptions) on the toxicity of oil paints specially since I had a tiny space for painting, now I have a little bit more space and a lot more knowledge on oil painting materials, I even bought lead white 🤭

Watercolors I took recently because I wanted to do "urban sketching" and it looked so different and challenging.

I did some pastels too a long time ago, I still have my box and should revisit at some point. So much to learn, so little time!