Hello To All from the Back of Beyond !

Iain Fenwick

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Hello Everyone ! ... It's Wonderful to have been accepted into this Forum and i'm looking forward to meeting you here ... Well ... i'm a retired Archaeological Fieldworker and i've only recently taken up Art as a Hobby ... i specialize in subjects concerned with Nocturnal & Winter Scenes,usually influenced by the works of M.R.James ... i work in Pastels & Colour Pencils and my cat frequently "helps" by using her paw to "blend" the colours (strange but true!) ... and it actually works ... sometimes ... once i actually get around to producing something acceptable i'll post it here and let you be the judges and once again ... Thank You for having me here! .
Big welcome to Lain Fenwick, I will see you in the Pastel forum mostly. Looking forward to it!
Welcome to Creative Spark, Iain! So happy you decided to join us!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you (and your cat!) are creating. ;)

Enjoy the forum!
Hi Iain, welcome to the forums. Please make yourself at home. 🙂
Welcome to the forum Iain. Looking forward to seeing your work. :giggle:
Hi Iain. Welcome. Your former job sounds fascinating! I'm curious to see how it might make its way into your art somehow. I would love to see your work when it comes time for you to start posting it. Please make yourself at home and enjoy making new friends here. We are a friendly bunch. :)
Thank You Very Much Everyone for your Kind Welcome Messages 😊 ... I'm very happy to be here and hope my work proves to be acceptable ... it's early days but with time i'm aiming to achieve a decent standard 🫰 ... I'm looking to portray passages from The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R.James but in my own particular style & perhaps a few inspired by them (and,of course,with a little help from Suzie the cat) ... Actually ... my former job will play a part in this as several stories have notable instances where Archaeology plays a part ...
i'm going to concentrate on atmosphere,not shock value ... that something in the background ... indistinct but ... there .
I'm a slow worker but that's because i prefer to be happy with the end result before i post anything so i may be ... sluggish ... but better that than an absolute mess .
Thank You Very Much again and i'll definately be keeping up with the chat ... it's brilliant to be here ! .
Welcome, and looking forward to seeing your intriguingly described work
Iain, a big welcome from Texas to you! Will look forward to seeing your work and we want to see Suzie, too. There is a forum to post our pet photos.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Iain! I am interested to see how your background in archaeology will influence your art work. As for waiting until you produce something acceptable before showing it, there is also great interest in seeing the process and development of art in our forums. So, please show us what you are working on and, if you desire it, ask for comments and suggestions.
Thank You All ! ... Certainly ! ... i'll post an Image of Suzie (once she settles down that is ... usually around 2 in the morning :rolleyes:) & if you would like me to i'll keep you up to date with how the smudges are going ... comments & suggestions are ALWAYS welcome and thank you for taking such an interest ... i'm truly Grateful 🥰 .