Hi from Ukraine!


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Hi all! My name is Pavel Kandyba (MasterOgon), I am an artist from Kyiv. I've been painting walls and commissioned paintings and now I'm trying to switch to sci fi space art which I love. This is my old site where my portfolio is collected and my site where I am doing now. And a few of my paintings that will briefly talk about it
Welcome to the forums, Pavel 👋

Your paintings are fascinating to look at! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂
Fabulous sci-fi artwork! I love it!

Welcome to Creative Spark, Pavel - so glad you decided to join us. :) I hope you continue to share your colorful creations with us. Enjoy the forum!
Really impressive and unique! Well done. My surname is Ukrainian. Best to you and welcome.
Great sf art. Reminds me of the golden age of science fiction, it has that vintage look.
Welcome, albeit belatedly. :) Your art is wonderful! Keep up the good work.

I'm very fond of the Ukrainian watercolors from Rosa Gallery and I've bought many sets of them, especially in support of the company because of the war there. Since they're such great paints, I don't figure I can have too many of them. And I love the travel palette, which I've bought 4 of. Taking the paints that come with the plastic palette out of the travel palette I've refilled them with Schminke, White Nights and Sennelier as well because they'll all fit. Of course, I have one that's full of Rosa paints, too. I have at least one of all the sets Rosa Gallery sells, including the metall travel palettes, so I'm well set and I've given some as gifts as well.