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😺 hello everyone. I've been looking for a new forum and this seems to be a nice one. I don't post very often, but I read a lot. I work in most all mediums with a realistic bent, although I like to impart a somewhat artistic flair in certain subjects. I will miss the WC but it is sadly untenably frustrating to use the way it is now. I really miss it's wealth of information, but it's continually frustrating o me. And it looks like hell.... I just gave up on it.. I really dont think it will last much past the end of the year and that is a sad thing, indeed. But life goes on... I'm happy to have found this place... thank you..
Welcome Marksmomagain! Good to see you over here. I think you'll like it. :giggle:
Welcome Marksmomagain - I agree with you re:WC but I think you'll like it here. The locals are friendly🙂