Hello from Yorkshire, UK.


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I started painting when I was 65 and have been posting my work on Wet Canvas since day one. Where I have found lots of friends and endless advice and encouragement. I have been advised to join your forum in a hope to keep in touch with a lot of my friends and to find new ones.
I haven’t been painting for a few months now due to ill health and other things getting in the way. But I hope to get back to the easel very soon. In the meantime and as an introduction to my work I will post a few of my latest pieces I posted on WC. I apologise if you have already seen them on WC.
Many thanks
Welcome to Creative Spark, Steve! I'm looking forward to seeing you post more work, so don't hold back. :)
Welcome to Creative Spark Grampy. Hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to post your work, not just for the WC folks, but for everyone. :)