Hello from Wiltshire, England.


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Hello from me, Penny. I am 74 years old, retired from working. I worked as a secretary and assistant to veterinary surgeons. I have knitted since being taught in junior school by a lady who came in during our lunch breaks. I have also taught myself crochet. I’ve embroidered (not for many years, though) and worked on tapestries. I mainly knit now and enjoy knitting Guernseys and
Arans. I will post my latest knitting in new thread. It will be nice to meet you and see your work.

i also enjoy drawing animals, especially dogs, in coloured pencils.


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Thank you, Snoball and Wayne. Is there an option to be emailed when you have a reply to a post?
Hi Schuee, welcome to the forums! I love your dog portraits (I love doggies!), and look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Thank you to the members for helping out on pointing Schuee in the right direction. It's so hard to do everything by myself, so I really appreciate it! ♥️
Welcome Penny, so glad to see you hopped on over. Always love to see your animal paintings
Welcome! Wonderful dog paintings. Looking forward to seeing the fabric work. I do a bit of crocheting. I wonder if others here do such things? I'm in Indiana, USA.
Thank you, everyone, for the welcome and help.

👋👋 Kay

I’ve posted a Guernsey I’m knitting, in the Fibre section, ntl.