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You probably know what's up with WC, so I won't say it. Anyway, I'm an early middle-aged (I still feel young in my mind and heart!) freelance artist and am mostly into digital and oil painting. I'm known as DmArtist7 at WC and frequented the most at “Oil from Life Challenge” thread. I hope we could keep up the tradition here too, but a new chapter is fine too!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and perhaps make a friend or two. :)

👋 from the Netherlands!
Welcome to the forum! We're happy you made it over.

I hope you keep posting, find more friends here and have fun. :)
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Thank you everyone! I already like this new forum. It's easier to navigate, and the notification system is way better than WC's broken version. 🤣 Not that I wanted to bash it or anything like that, but it's just a relief to have it to work properly. About my works, I'm sure I'll share them eventually. I just need to organize them better and figure out how to make a pretty signature, too. Anyway thank you again for the welcome everyone! 💖
DM, so nice to see you here. Welcome to this lovely forum! Yes, somekind of "oil from life challenge" or other challenge thread would be nice.
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