Head in the clouds


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My second biggest painting so far.
I used no reference and painting it all in a day.
It measures 40x50cm
All done in acrylic with a bit of glitter glue on top.
I was going for a Galaxy vibe for the hair , but I couldn’t really get I right with acrylics .
So it turned into clouds instead

I’m open for honest criticism
I can see why you'd want a galaxy vibe in the hair- it really would fit. This one appears done- but if you're still intrigued by the idea, take a gander at some of the James Webb Telescope pics ( drool here: https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/webb/images/index.html ) and see if you cannot figure out a way to incorporate some bits and swirls and amazing glitter-space bobs into a next one.

Good job here- I'd bet you were pretty drained after doing it all in one day! Nice work!
Great job! Your style is outta sight! Ideas are everything. I'll have to look up the cm/in. translation. ;)