Have you made any COVID-19 related art?

Since we have not been able to use our own recyclable bags at the grocery store, I decided to start making abstracts on the paper bags that have been stacking up. Maybe that's "covid-related," but I'm not sure.

Here's the first two:


I like those Arty. I've painted several during lockdown but only one that was covid related.
How can I put an image in?
You can press on the little image icon above and select from images on your computer. Or attach the image down below. If it's on facebook, I'll have to research to find out how to do that. But it's probably best to get it on your computer first.

Wow! That is amazing! You sure can draw. I'd be surprised if you haven't sold that one yet.
I saw this elsewhere Sno and remain totally impressed. I didn't even try, for me there was a total saturation of news of the virus and my painting was a place where I didn't want to think about it
Here's my very latest piece of art, modelling a "corona" made from hairs of my lately shaved beard I had grown over three weeks of Corona-quarantine:

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I guess you picked the Corona up from the store. 😷 How convenient.

If I am allowed to call it a poem, this would be my contribution to the global pandemic.

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