Has Any one Had Such A Beast

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Sunus trouble. My right sinus has been closed since last November. I slpeep in my lazy boad chair cause I can't lie down. I have tried acupunctur, antibiotics, medical herbs from Chinese Medicine, Homepathty Medicine. Spay and buffers. I just cant seem to get it open It opens now and then but for bried periods and then closes again. I am at my wits end and my positivty is dippin into the negagive hafl of the barrell. I trie apply cider vingaen on opino as wells in my netipod as well as the towlel ofve the head and steam. Anyhone ever have a phoblem like this and get it solved? They calim there is an operation for it but it's 50/50 chance and I know more poeple who have died by opeations than been fixed.
It depends on whats going on in there.
I get bad sinus issues that can last for months at a time. Mine is from allergies and the best option in that case is to find out whats triggering it and avoiding it. That's however easier said then done and sometimes not really posible.
To open them up I don't know if you eat/can tolerate spicy food but I find hot peppers are great for opening mine at least temporally.
If there's something more serious going on in there then just swelling you might to see a doctor.
I don't know if it would help you but have you tried a Navage? Very uncomfortable on the first try but you can get used to it and it might be the ticket. 🤷‍♀️
Hi Wayne. I can sympathise. I am not a doctor! But from my dealings with this stuff you need to find the root cause - allergy, infection, polyps or something else. Mine is usually a secondary from some initial cold or something. Then the only way for me is antibiotics. I have do far managed to avoid surgery. I do anything to open them, hot compress, Eucalyptus and most things you have tried. I hate the nostril flush and it rarely works for me. If you have polyps, they should be diagnosable. Hope you can sort it soon, nothing worse than constant face and tooth aches.....
I agree with 16ga - you need to find the root cause. I have suffered from chronic sinus issues for years. Once, it was due to a tooth infection - I was on antibiotics and steroids for over six months to clear the sinuses - the tooth had to be pulled. I've had several cat scans done - and only that one time, when I had the tooth infection, did it spread to the left sinus cavity, it showed the whole cavity full. I was told by both the dentist and the ENT, that it was impossible to say which came first - the tooth infection or the sinus infection. My sinus issues still continue. After exhausting all possibilities, they believe it's because of allergies. I got tested for allergies, but nothing came out of that either. I do Neil Med sinus rinses every day, it helps some - and when things are really bad, I take a 7 day course of steroids to help with the inflammation. The only thing I can tell you is - have a cat scan done - and see a dentist. If it's only the one side bothering you, it could be dental related
Could be alergic to something in your diet. I got stabbed with 75 needles to figure out what I was allergic too
Have not tried allergy test as all docs seem to think it is not allergies. I will keep digging till I find something that al least gives temporary relief. Not complaining; lots of people are a lot worst off than I am. I was just wondering if anyone had conquered the beast. i think I set it off when I OIl Stained my house last November. 5 days for 6 or 7 hourse wearing no maks. I can't smell so I had no sense of how much crap I was taking in. I guess I have to wait it out till my sinsus decides he has punished me emough for my stpudidy. Time will pass and it will too. Thanks.
I’m really sorry you’re dealing with this, Wayne, and hope you get some relief soon. I hate to ask but does it improve at all on the rare days that you don’t paint? Would you have headaches too if you are reacting to something in your studio?
lived In Ohio for 40 years and had all kinds of sinus and allergy issues. Moved to Florida and now they are non existent. Could be your environment too
Donna. No reaction to paint a nd I don't use solvents. I take stuff out of mt diet and find no difference. The night air seems to make me dtuffy. Who knows. One ENT said I was aletgec to the world. It might come on st my pace or mrbsister in laws place. No rhyme or reason. I'll get over it in time.
Wayne, almost forgot - I do take Sinufed extra strength when my sinuses are really bad. They do help - I take 1 or 2 pills - at first it doesn't seem like it's doing anything, but before you know it, your sinuses will feel better - about an hour to feel full affect. It's an over the counter drug - only caution, if you have high blood pressure, talk to a doctor before taking. Don't take it for more than 3 days in a row, otherwise you might end up with a rebound effect (your sinuses become worse). I usually take it an hour or 2 before bedtime.
You should see a specialist—another ENT who can give you real answers, not one who says you're allergic to the world. That's bullshit.
Saw 2. First said nothing wrong just a vitus that did not clean up. Pills. Did not work. She retired soon after.
Took a year to see the 2nd. Told me I was basically allergic to the atmosphere and wanted to operate but I have an irregular heartbeat so the operation was put off. There are no others where I live. Most people don't even have a doctor. Shortages galore.
Here too. I have to drive a long way to see specialists. Hannah has had some kind of sinus infection for almost a year, but doesn't know what is going on. The ENT she saw was also useless. Different symptoms though.
I can't help but wonder if it isn't side effects of the Covid shots and boosters. A lot of old people with similar but different issues realating to ones breathing.
I can't help but wonder if it isn't side effects of the Covid shots and boosters. A lot of old people with similar but different issues realating to ones breathing.
That's certainly a possibility, though that would likely wear off in time as the booster effectiveness wears down.

If you've seen ENT docs, I'm guessing a deviated septum was ruled out? You can have that for years before it bothers you, and a classic symptom is unexplained congestion, usually worse on one side. All the pills in the world won't touch a physical cause.

I'm so sorry you're suffering. :(
I wish I had not posted this. Everyone hurts. Now I'll ignore this post so so it will go away.
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