Girl, window, dreams



Found a small old piece on board that I was kind of ashamed to realize that I produced it some years ago. So, I got my Panda’s out (oil pastels) and started pressing them real hard.....Again....😑 all over that old piece.
This piece is inspired by an older one I did which is much bigger and is in acrylics.

Didn't see it before but I bet you improved it. Wonder what she is looking at? :giggle:
Hey Nufocus, I think it is remarkable that you can make the same impact of a facial portrait just by showing the back of the subject's head ! The introspection comes across loud and clear.
Wow, wonderful. I am not sure what you did exactly, but you did improve it. Very masterful.
Such cool words!! Many thanks. Nice observations from Trier and Patrick.
Thanks again to everyone!!
Trier said it right. I don't know how you do it, but she really does look like she's contemplating something critical. Her soul would certainly be a candidate.
Thanks so much Susan. I too thought that Trier hit the mail on its head.