Fort Anything


I don't know what I haven't shown or what I've repeated. I'm just randomly grabbing images.

I did this one last year.

Ft. Anything, Oil, paper, pencil, and thread on canvas, 24 x 30 inches.


You can comment if you'd like. I always forget to say that. I don't mind. Maybe because I don't write "C&C" is why some of my threads have no comments. No big deal or anything, but I thought I'd write it this time if anyone would like to give feedback, as odd is this stuff might be, even though this might not be my particular audience. Ha ha ha! :ROFLMAO:
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I really like this, got the pattern stitched in again and there's that wheelchair. Looks good! ❤
has it's points of interest so it does the job of engaging the viewer. The hook captures my attention.
Wow! Thanks everyone. Too nice. I had a solo exhibition last spring and this was the newest piece in the show at that time. It was a large show and I had a lot of pieces in it. It was called Memoir. The collection for this show is on my website. It went pretty well. I'm represented by a gallery in Santa Monica here in LA.
Haven't been over to the blog for quite a while, glad Sno jogged my memory. Gorgeous exhibition Arty and I really enjoyed the descriptions you wrote of your characters,I'm still 🙂