Foggy lake


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I find creating effects such as mist, fog and hazy sunlight difficult, so this image, from RIL, appealed. Thank you for any c and c.

Terrific effects here, and the pops of colour on the grasses give great balance
This one is just special! Great effects, good composition and lots of interest. Love it! ❤ :love:
I really like this one. The branches draw the eye to the water and fog. To a mystical space. Or, for the realists, a mysterious place. :love:
I love the blending and the branches. It gives a great sense of atmosphere. I feel like I'm in it. Great job! :)
Everything is well done. I especially like the gold on the tops of the grasses—-a wonderful touch! The golden glow on the trunks emphasizes the roughness. That’s a thick mist you have, hiding the trees across the lake! Well done, I think you achieved what you set out to do!
Engaging composition. The water surface with reflections of trees on the far shore and vapor rising off is very well captured. As well as the fore ground tree and branches.
Not as well on the fore ground rocks and logs. The rocks look the same in texture and color as the logs, and both seem contrived. Perhaps it’s the white highlights, too high in value, too white? Also the chroma of the orange grasses is much higher in chroma than any other element in the painting.