Flora & Fauna


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With the painting immediately following Mirror Mirror I again began with the idea of two figures standing parallel to each other... and again I began with a male-female pairing:


At this time, I had yet to begun working on the composition for my paintings using the computer or using the projector to rapidly establish the proportions. As a result, all of my paintings at this time began with layers of gestural drawings on top of each other... repeated erasures... and even times where I ended up turning the painting surface over to begin again on the back.


At a certain point in this painting, I found the two side-by-side figures to again be too static... and so I added a third figure... another woman... and then eventually erased the male figure.


I felt the second woman... leaning into the first figure... no longer parallel and no longer filling the entire space... was far more dynamic.


At this point I began to establish the hair so that I could work on the surrounding space. I almost like the girl on the left's hair more at this stage than with what I ended with... but Oh Well. :unsure: The figure to the right is seen dropping an apple... alluding to the Biblical Eve. At least I made the right choice in getting rid of that obvious element.


This is one of the first times I used this complementary color harmony of red (cadmium red medium) and green which I would used quite a few times. At this point, the red just screams thanks to the use of fluorescent/neon glazes. The pencil hanging from a tack at the center shows how I employed the most medieval technique to draw large circular elements.


By this time I have zoned in on the theme of Flora (the nymph/goddess of plants and flowers) and fauna (the nymph/goddess of animals: Catwoman)I've blocked the hair in a near black to allow me to work on the gold leaf.


The background employed a contrast of flowers and thorns.

... To be continued...

I decided on a contrast of a pale redheaded Flora and the dark-haired and black-masked Fauna/Catwoman. I also decided to further emphasize the Red-Green contrast through the use of green eyes and "bouncing" green and red into the flesh-tones and even the mask and the clothing.



The all-red flowers and hair were a bit much, so I shifted to white daisies... contrasting the black mask and bra.


At the end, I found the black bikini too much black... and felt it also became a dead zone or visual hole. I broke this up with a leopard-skin pattern which better conveyed the form of the body and also worked symbolically. What better for Fauna/Catwoman to wear than leopard-skin?;)