Floor Cloths


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I've already shown the rooster but here are some more floor cloths.


I have photos of several more but can't find them right now.
Snoball, these are awesome. Is it acrylic-painted canvas rugs or what? Do you use/walk on them???
I those are wonderful. What a creative idea for a floor cloth. How large are they?
Thank you Hostajunkie (didn't see your post until today) I start with rolled canvas, tack it down to a frame, give it 3 coats of latex house paint, paint the painting on with acrylics, give it 3 coats of high gloss varnish. The back side gets one coat of latex and a coat of varnish. It is then hemmed by turning under the edge and gluing. They can be walked on but of course not in a high traffic area.

Thank you Jane. I typically don't make them any larger than 3'X 5'. That is the size of the rooster on the bricks. I can't remember exactly how large the granite one was, it was commissioned.
Thank you for the info on size. I’ve always been intrigued by floor cloths. Tried to make one once. It’s still in the basement on the frame. I started it in oil and it had lots of tiny birds on it. i don’t think I’ll ever finish it. Yours are so wonderful.
You're as bad as me! I have a quilt that I started years ago. I was quilting it by hand on a hoop and it is still on the hoop. :giggle:
Oh my gosh these are amazing! If these were in my house no one would be allowed to step on them.
These are awesome! I've only seen floor cloths in geometric designs, which I thought was pretty cool, but yours are incredible!