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I posted my collage experiments with tissue paper leftover from printmaking a while back. I was never happy with the way I left the 12x12 in. piece but wasn't brave enough to mess with it. It became one of those "what have you got to lose" things so I painted in the white spaces. I don't know if it's better or not but as my husband says, "It's ... bright!" :ROFLMAO:

Here's the way it was:


and here it is now:



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Each one is charming in its own way. I see them as different, independent works in their own right and I really like both.
Thanks Hermes. I have another one started so I’ll probably go with the colored version again in case they work as a pair.
Hmmmm.... have to agree with Hermes- I REALLY like the first one with the printing showing through- I wonder what the subject matter is (I'm a reader and cannot resist printed matter)

But then there's what you did to it- so colourful and seemingly planned just that way- and there's STILL printed matter! :love:

I like 'em both. A LOT.
J, the print showing through is from a pamphlet about mutual funds and financial stuff so there are no hidden messages. Buy low sell high, haha. Thanks for your thoughts. I thought the original version looked unfinished but it did show off the design better so maybe that was a lesson for me.
I like both the before and after and would be thrilled to have either hanging on my wall! Just stunning!
I remember this one! I loved it. ❤️ But I think your green wash of color adds another dimension, and the text is still easily seen. Very good work.

They're each strong as they stand. Can't go wrong when your basic design is this good!
Thanks so much Arty, CaliAnn, sno, Kay, Jo and Terri! I've had a tough day and your kind comments really help. It looks like I won't ever be able to paint the way I'd like to (no big canvasses) but hopefully I'll still be able to work on small ones like this. Any art is better than none, right?