February 2022 Monthly Challenge

Thank you Esther. I agree, there are parts of each that I like better. Guess I'll have to do again with the fav parts from each. :)
Wow to the photos and to the early submissions. Kay, the pansy has real character and the contrast of purple against the limey green really pops! Cindy, like the gate and both snowscapes with a preference for the acrylic. I think the blue of the lake emphasizes and directs the eye better so that the lovely curve of the shore has a strong presence.
Super paintings so far this month.

Kay, wonderful rich colours and lively strokes. Really striking flower portrait.

Cindy, lovely works. I like the feeling of movement in the foliage in the first, and the way the gate is picked out and softly shaded. Both versions of the snow/boat scene are excellent, but I like the acrylic one best because of the lovely grey blue colour of the water. That's one of my favourite colours. I also love the way you've painted the snow on that foreground foliage, it's so realistic!
Claudia - Thank you for your kind comments. (The yellow boat scene and the gate scene are from Sunday afternoon drives.)
Watercolor and ink on cold press watercolor 9 x 12
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Wow Scamall! This is beautifully done. Love the tiny lines in your petals and leaves. Just gorgeous!!