February 2022 Monthly Challenge


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Okay, here are a few images that I would like to share for the monthly challenge. (Sorry for the delay but 'somebody' forgot they were supposed to host.) Hope these are okay. These are all my personal images and I look forward to the 21st.


Gate 1.jpg
My Rose.jpg
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Love them all and thanks for hosting Cindy! There’s not a due date to post your paintings, however, just any time this month or afterwards if you’re late.
Cindy, I was wondering what happened to this month. Thanks for stepping in. Your photos are lovely.
Kay, this is perfect! Great range of violet values and hues.
Thank you for hosting, Cindy.

Gorgeous pansy, Kay.

I will see if I find enough time to join in this month. Life is super busy at the moment and I have art projects in the pipeline, too.
Wru- Thanks and I look forward to seeing your work.
Color Enthusiast - Hope you find the time this month to participate. Thanks for looking Esther.
Here is my attempt at the gate pic. It's 6"x9" on w/c paper. I added a few flowers for color. (I think I may need a few more small spots of dark added.)
CS WC 02 22.jpg
I decided to do the Yellow Boat scene in watercolor and here it is. (I decided to do the water as frozen this time)
CS WC 02 22.1.jpg

I had done this picture previously with acrylics and here it is.

Looking fwd to seeing other's works.
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I love this scene and almost picked it. Both your versions are exciting and the acrylics one seems sharper for some reason.