Fake Matisse cat painting


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I saw this posted on someone's page and I thought that's not a Matisse, but I can't find the original artist. It seems popular, often copied, and commonly believed by hobbyists to be a Matisse. If told this I imagine many saying, "If he didn't paint it, he should of!" Broadly, the Matisse style seems mid 1910s wedded to his mid 1940s. If you know I'm wrong, please let me know.

I'm quite familiar with this Matisse "fake" as I have used it... along with the real Matisse paintings of a similar ilk... when having students create their own Matisse homages. I usually use examples of work by a given artist as well as examples by students... which might not strike the students as being too difficult.





There are a number of other Matisse "parodies" with cats. Not great Art... but they have provided ideas for projects for my students who tend to be more interested in paintings with cats trying to grab at goldfish than they are in the Matisse still life without the cats:

Cat Parody.jpg
Just to my eyes it does not appear to be a real Matisse, rather a stylistic copy or derivative. Just sayin'