Painting in Sauna with My Cat


oil painter
I post one more of the last month's daily paintings. I have only added one quick layer of paint and this is strong Belgian linen canvas piece so I might continue one day this painting, that is, when I know how to ... 🤔 . This was fun to paint. My cat was surprised that I game with my easel to sauna, something she doesn't see me doing often. 🐈

Question: Do you think the cat figure is leading viewer's eye away from the painting? What if she was looking at the opposite direction! I didn't think much of that when I was painting, she was that way when I started painting her. That is a slightly negative side of daily paintings, you don't think much b/c you are every day in hurry.


Other photos:


Thanks for looking!
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I love it and don't think the cat is taking ones eye away from the painting. It feels as if it is part of the piece and it makes it. If the cat was not there the painting would be less interesting in my opinion. It's a great piece. Love the texture, and color. :)
The cat's gaze doesn't seem to lead the eye away for me, in fact the cat seems to be the focal point. I like it.
Very good work on a complex setting. I’ll echo Arty, the cat is important. A figure sitting with the cat might take this further.
Sno, thanks! Your words mean lot to me!
P.Barrie, thanks! Your right about the figure ... maybe 👨‍🎨 to my next sauna painting! :cool: Except, when you open the door which is there in front of you on the painting it opens a view to a real life size figure Botticelli Venus. ;)
Nufocus, Thank you! I couldn't live without, neither can my cat, she's there now too having a nap, our sauna has always little higer temp. even when it's not heated so nice place to my cat.