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This is an annual. 'call out' for Queensland artists living in the bush, 150km from a major population centre. I entered two pieces. Both were accepted. Woo Hoo. Stage 2 is public voting, 3 is official judging, 4 is a touring exhibition around rural Queensland.At least a year on the road.

Perspectives was the theme. I went in 'heavy'.

The Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA) is Flying Arts’ signature annual art awards for established and emerging artists living in regional and remote Queensland. The award aims to showcase artwork whilst providing a platform for artists to further professional development and opportunities.

There is one mistake, the didactic for pic 1 is not mine. Not words I could ever imagine me putting out those words. I'll need to go check if I did!

That line ... Is an accident from my screen shot. I thought I'd cropped it out.
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Great news! Congrats on getting both of your submissions in. Both are intriguing!