Some of my CP work


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I do hope the sizes are all right! At least they are all 72 dpi...

Croton – I belonged to the Botanical Artists of Canada, which recently folded because no volunteers were found to replace the executive group. Through them I entered almost every exhibition that was organized.
In one of them the Croton merited the Best Pencil Artwork Award.
1CS Croton.jpg

Adriana – I only produced three portraits to try... Enough for me!
One gifted CP artist at WC guided me to do this portrait of my first daughter. It was in the Western style of Carrie Ballantyne from Wyoming. I made it in Fawn colour Stonehenge paper with only four monochrome colours plus white. The best I learned was that drawing hair implies seeing the locks of it as forms, and shading them accordingly, instead of trying to single every hair out...

2CS Adriana.jpg

Bottles – During a visit to Cape Cod we visited the Glass Museum. Sometimes I start with a graphite version to help me see the values before the colours, and I did that with this.
3CS Bottles.jpg

Catalpa – This was so tempting, living in a neighbourhood where in just a short city block there are about twenty Northern Catalpa trees! The seed pods are close to 60 cm long, so I produced a large drawing, but still not to scale. The beautiful leaves have a size of about half the length of the pods. It merited an Honourable Mention.
4CS Catalpa.jpg

Ferns – During a visit to Miami city I was fascinated seeing how using pieces of coral reef they had built up fences. In this one ferns were growing through the nooks and crannies... It was a special project for me after deciding not to use any green, but joyfully mixing yellow and blue pencils!
5CS Ferns.jpg

Parrot Tulip – This is a dear piece for me because working on it I finally learned to burnish colour. My “personal” instructor was Cecile Baird through her inspiring book Painting Light with Colored Pencil... I’ve heard many comments about wax bloom build up, especially using Prismacolor pencils, but honestly I have never experienced it.
6CS Tulip.jpg
not my style but I do admire anyone with the patience to paint this way. These are beautiful. Each and every one.
Thank you Wayne! I rarely do studies, and doing sustained drawings, especially botanical showing accuracy, have always taken me 26 to 30 hours of work. I am planning to switch to smaller ones, and will be happy with that.
Sorry I cannot tell you the size of them, since I find composition is very important. I start with what I want to do and take whatever size it turns out...
These are really impressive Raquel! The portrait is just beautiful with those muted tones. Your botanical work speaks to me - I am interested in doing botanical painting with watercolours but haven't got around to properly trying it yet. I just love all the detail and the arrangement.
Raquel, beautiful work.

Your botanicals are very well done. It's obvious that you take great care in painting them accurately.

I love the portrait of your daughter. What an adorable pose too.

Very good work on the glass. You did a good job of getting transparency as well as shine.
These are beautiful Raquel. I like using colored pencils as well, though I use them in a more painterly style (and somehow seem to be able to get there without using solvent). I admire your patience to get this photorealism.
Wow - you do amazing work, Raquel! They are all so different in style and subject, and yet you nailed every one. Very beautiful and impressive work!
Kay - Thank you! My first flowers were in watercolour, but eventually my neck needed protection, and a drawing board almost vertical was it, so no water for me! I did use water-soluble pencil on one flower.
Anne - I am glad you like them. What captivates me is usually a part, and I want to pass that on and really don't care about working to scale... My daughter was one year and a half there. Funny I didn't draw glass again.
Sandra - Many thanks! I sketch spontaneously, and envy those who can feel free putting down their impressions in a painterly way!
Terri - Wow to you! I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight after reading all your comments... THANKS!
All the examples of your work show wonderful control of the medium. I think your colour sense is outstanding and the results are beautiful.
Outstanding in every respect, but mainly beauty !

Hermes said it much better than I can.

Your little girl painting is unforgettable , what a treasure !
Raquel, your work is meticulous and wonderful. I would not be able to do things like these in a million years! So I believe I’ll never even try….
Hermes - what a great compliment!!! I am glad I posted... :)
Trier - Many, Many thanks!
Lazarus - I agree on that. My style is only mine, and I don't make it intentionally. Thanks! (are you a lawyer? :rolleyes:)
Nufocus - I am getting a charge of energy from you all, and I am deeply grateful.
Congratulations on all your accomplishments. They are all well-earned, as your work is flawless! Really wonderful stuff! You're clearly very talented. ♥️

One ask is that next time you type out "Wet Canvas" instead of using "WC." Thank you. Just a thing we have around here, as some people might not know what you are talking about. We are still trying to get everyone out of this habit.
These pieces are just absolutely gorgeous! Colored pencil is my favorite medium, and I can see the amount of time and care you put into these. And your color sense is fantastic. Thank you for sharing these. They're just simply beautiful!