Introduced in Dune, sandworms are colossal worm-like creatures that live on the desert planet Arrakis.
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the underground tunnels on Mars

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weak faith, I understand…

testing your faith is asking a lot
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Dune is a well told tale, but really just Lawrence of Arabia on drugs in outer space.
The way I heard it, he got a lot of input for Dune from John W. Campbell, and none for the sequels, which may explain why the sequels suck by comparison... and I stand by my comparison to Lawrence of Arabia.
I imagine anybody who has heard enough of your riffs wouldn't be surprised you feel that way, John.
I expect people to be aware…

They're not.
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It's fiction, John. Herbert made it up, using history as a guide for some of it. Paul was obviously inspired by Lawrence. The Fremen are Bedouins. Stilgar is Auda Abu Tayi. No channeling of the past needed. Just a basic knowledge of WWI in the Middle East, and a good imagination.
Third Age was 6000 years ago, Tolkien said

He was right…

Herbert wanted to be a historian

Maybe he was after all
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