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Just wanted to do something. I decided just to play around a bit. Always feels great to be doing art in some way. This is watercolour and Posca Acrylic Pens / Tooli-Art Acrylic Pens on Strathmore coldpress watercolour paper -140 lb. 11"x 15".

Its weird and wacky. It reminds me of some cross of Borg (Star Trek) /Mario world creatures in space.
Sometimes I think I should get into some digital art. It would be a little easier for me to do healthwise. And this is a case where it would be interesting to put this into a program and then go in and clean up the edges.
It’s so good to see that you feel well enough to make some art, PaintBoss! This is really cool and I love the colors and intricate designs. It does have an outer space feel and if this is what the Borg look like I won’t mind being assimilated. 🙂
I like it a lot, the galaxy and spaceships immediately came to mind too, star teck, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I like.
regarding digital, in the last 2 years I have been using almost only digital,
I've been thinking for a few years about getting an iPad, specifically for drawing. On the one hand, I really liked the idea of trying digital again with this medium (an iPad or Samsung tablet), I saw many examples of Procreate and iPad, and I I liked the possibility of simulating many vehicles and having a compact instrument, which did not require much space, on the other hand I was undecided about purchasing it.
I got it 2 years ago when the computer was breaking often. I always turned the computer on to draw at home, for references and because without music I can't draw, so for 2 years I've been using the iPad to listen to music and draw.
I've never really understood abstract art even though I like some of it. I really enjoy this one you've done. Good going! :)
It's beautiful, PaintBoss! I love the white bits flicked over your intricate patterns. It really draws you in.

Wonderful! By hand or digital, your ideas are a sight to behold. ❤️

Resistance is futile. ;)
Aw thanks everyone. I am glad you like it. It really was a just get started project for me. Allowing myself to just go with it. At this point I get surprised what shows up. We all know that state where you are sucked in while working away, a great focused productive state. I found doing almost “decorative” aspects to a piece- making shapes, alternating colours, applying lines/dots is a sure way to get in the zone.🙂 Dots I tell you! Lowers the blood pressure very well! Lol Its like bedazzling your work! 😋
Joe, so much can be done with the programs you mentioned. I would like to get Procreate. Although years ago i purchased Artrage 3 but never used it. I may now. Although it has advanced- I think its Artrage 12 now - and every Christmas they offer the latest version at 70% off for an upgrade, I can’t do it. I mean it is cheap at that price. A great deal. But my ipad, iphone and my Apple computer (gathering dust) are no longer compatible with system requirements. Just! They are in excellent shape so I don’t want to buy any more. Budget is not there for it now anyways. Maybe I will try the early edition. I’m pretty good at learning new programs, but I find it a little daunting right now. It’s maybe something I should face head on though and learn. It is very helpful just to plan moves in your piece onscreen. I do like that. But right now its basic camera editing I use. Simple coloured lines etc.
hi, yes, it's a very beautiful work.
regarding artrage, I think it's very nice, even though I haven't tried it much, I have two programs on my iPad, artrage and procreate, as a program I first took artrage as I had seen very nice works done for only 3 euros, so I had I first bought this and then procreate, in the end I mainly used procreate because using just one was easier for me, procreate had buttons similar to the program I had tried years before on the computer, in my opinion artrage simulates traditional painting better, so it fascinates me a lot, but I don't know how to paint, I don't know if I can try directly on artrage or should I practice with traditional first, I had bought watercolors years ago.
last thing, artrage on the ipad, what 3 euros, I read that ios requests updated to the ios version (ipados, I don't remember what it's called, ipad operating system, in any case from 10 to higher, I don't know your version), However, on the computer I use Word from 2010, I believe that when you want you can use whatever program you want or which you already have, it should be fine.
thank you for showing us your art, both abstract and realistic it is really beautiful to admire, it communicates a lot
Thank you Sno.🙂
And thank you Joe for your kind words and thoughts about your experiences with Artrage/ Procreate/Word.
I don’t think you need to start painting in a medium to try it on Artrage. Why? Well I think you’re just going to have to learn the ways of the program and how the tool operates anyways. It’ll never be like the real thing. And certainly if you mix medium on Artrage, it is not always possible to do it with the real mediums. Like, mixing watercolour and oil paint. So I think you just have to learn each individual program and how the tools work. It’s nice to hear that you liked the Artrage program. Procreate looks awesome!
Thanks again 🙂
I Missed this one! I love it, there is a lot to look at and I can tell you had fun with it. Love the big shapes and the detail within them.
This is SO COOL!!!! I love this, and what it reminds you of was exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't think of the words for it. It's a layered meaning. It has so much going for it without it being too busy because it is contained inside a kind of galaxy. It's freakin special! I love it! I'd love to see a whole series of these! ♥️