Acrylics on (heavy) paper.
Around 15”X11”
One of those cold and wet days when the wind threatens to blow your umbrella away and your heart fills with longings mixed with sadness.
You call it what you like but I don't see desolation, I simply see a rainy day at the beach, beautifully painted. :giggle:
For me, the longings, feelings of sadness and empty lonliness are overpowering.
I very much like the painting. I agree with Snoball, and that interpretation has a lot to do with the place I live, especially this time of year.
A subdued feeling, maybe somewhat melancholic...
Ladies and gents, thank you very kindly.
Thinking of another title....😉
Masterfully done. The layering effect as always with your work gives it a 3D feeling. I can almost imagine being on that beach and feeling desolate.
I love your textures and colours. I thought of Debussy's Nuages the moment I saw it; that may be a good title.

Susan, a ton of thanks!
Hermes, quite an interesting thought. I like it! Much appreciated.