Crown of Thorns


2 eyes.
When I made the thing, I had no idea it would become an image. I guess it saves having one more thing to accommodate. I snapped this in the kitchen on the mobile. A distraction from what I was working on! More thorns, you say?

Cton of Thorns.jpg
Thanks for confirming for me the aesthetic nature of it, Arty. I thought it was.

Laf. In space nobody can hear you scream, Anarchy! 😄

Thank Sno, no more spikes it is. Just when you think you're safe, doubt creeps in like a shadow under a door. I just looked back on the text to see spellcheck had been up to its mischievous ways. This time Sno became SNP. WTF? That's the party in power in this country of 5 million.

My opinion never takes presidence over others'. No. Except when they're wrong 😄