Creatures at an exhibition (based on pictures at an exhibition 😀🤓)



Acrylics on cardboard

Wow, I don't know which I like more, the painting or the title! Actually, the painting: it's so captivating, all those different creatures, and all those wonderful expressions. Just perfect.
What is C A? Creatures Anonymous?
Good one! I'd call it "An exhibition of creatures at an exhibition." :giggle:
I find the white overwhelming but in spite of it I still like the piece. I really like the muted color/value scheme.
Could be an audition for a real life enactment of the movie Funny Games. I can guess the two who would get the part. I find your work literary. Dramatic. Maybe why I could see them adorning the covers of Modern Classics.
Superb! This is a great one and I love all the subjects. The one wearing the CA short is my favorite. Their facial expression is exceedingly excellent. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Outstanding !
You of course have nailed the expressions that viewers have at these events.
The characters look like they have stepped out of the paintings on exhibit and are viewing the viewers with bemusement.
There is a slightly disturbing element in this of something abnormal and being not quite right. The CA person in particular has a look of madness about him, but pleasant disposition.
Lots to think about.
Just my very humble take.