Conferring with the Yard Man


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Conferring with the Yard Man Oil paint, ~5x6" on Canson oil paper. Background done with knife, figures with a brush
Study complete except mouths, which will get put on later.
C&C welcome, thanks for looking.

I say this is really excellent, and I would be disappointed if you gave them mouths (personally). I like it just as it is. Beautiful--every aspect. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Perfect continuation to your series! You have such excellent imagination for subjects to paint. I really like this painting, I think composition is very good. Thank you for explaining how you did the background and figures.
I agree with Arty, I wouldn't add mouths either! They are perfect as they are now. Very elegant figures.
Nice little extension of your yard works.
I agree with Arty and Moscatel .. mouths are not needed .. that's just details that can be added by imagination.