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I made this after a bit of a dry period artwise, my creative juices had dried up🙂 just after lockdown became reality. Anyway this is 60x60cm made from old failed paintings and some of my photos printed out. I rarely do any collage but must say I enjoyed doing this one
I really like collage and the whole idea of repurposing older work and mixing in photos. This is a great piece. 🙂
I don't know collage but the mixture calls for investigation .. thank you for the thoughts ...
Thanks everyone.
PSA3475 p. I keep most of my old failed paperworks in the hopes that I will eventually use them
Enyaw - enjoy your investigations🙂
Here's the original photo - it's a bullfinch. He was just standing on the grass, didn't move at all as I got close enough to take the photo, as I only have a little sony camera I felt lucky he was so calm🙂


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