Bill Murray: How Art Saved My Life


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How Art Saved My Life

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Jules Breton- The Song of the Lark
thanks for posting it, I love Murray (ok, it's hard not to love him), I love him a lot, for a long time; this amazing artist. I had no idea of that, yes very nice, unbreakable,
quite recently I saw a documentary about him, an incredible artist and everything he does, his way of being is incredible, even his whole journey to start acting. .
his every interview, film or gesture. incredible.
I think maybe Clooney, at least at first, was just laughing because, maybe,
so hard not to laugh with him, maybe you don't expect if he's serious or not,
I love that he said that. I can easily say that art has kept me alive more than once. Visual arts and literary arts too. When you find something in the deep makes you more fond of living. After a while you start looking for the find like a naked man with a metal detector. 😶