Big Pumpkin - poll (please vote!)

Background - what to do with it?

  • Cover it all dark

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  • Cover it and add some leaves to the background

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oil painter
The photo came out quite terrible and the dark part of the background in the painting IS very dark, darker than you see in the photo.
I wanted to ask your opinion about the background. I created a poll so it is easier just to pick one choice and the choices are what came to my mind so far.

Anyway, I have doubts about the background: if I paint it all dark over the TRO and because there's a lot of space in the background, will the whole painting just become too dark for example when hanging on the wall in a gallery. What should I do?
I won't change the background completely to another color because then I have to change everything else in the painting and that's just too much work. But of course I can give it layers of glaze.

I'm still working this week on this painting so it's not completely finished yet in many areas.

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Maybe it's because I am mostly playing with watercolor nowadays, but my principle in such cases is "when in doubt, don't screw with it" (this principle is also applicable in other areas of life😆)
Anyway, I like it like this, so I think in your place I'd finish those areas that still need work, and assess the painting then.
I'd leave it. If there is a way to blend it slightly (the brown into the orange) I would do a little of that, otherwise, I'd really just leave it alone. It's a beautiful piece. There are a perfect amount of leaves, so don't add any. really fine work! :)
EJH, I'm kind of thinking the same but I still doubt if it would be better some other way. Of course, if I take it to a gallery, the frame also affects. Maybe when I think of gallery show I'm thinking that maybe it would be better all dark background.
Cover up the orange on the wall, if you make it very dark, then lower the chroma of the pumpkin orange. It would require a lot of light to reflect the bright orange. I would not make the wall real dark, rather show the play of light on it, if you do that, strengthen the shadow of the pumpkin on the wall. There should be some reflected orange on The tablecloth.
Thanks for everyone who voted! 👏
musket, thank you!
P.Barrie, interesting thoughts, thank you! This is a difficult decision weather to leave it as it is or cover it up. Will do the orange to the table with glazing. I still haven't touched it, there's lot to do still.
When I get trapped like that, I use temporary collages to see what the effect will be.

If I knew how, I would use a computer paint program to try out the various options.

Not much help, but I can relate to the problem, good luck !
Trier, the computer option is great. I should do just that. I didn´t think about it so thanks for bringing it up. Will post the pumpkin when done.