As Crocodile Dundee said, "This is a knife"

Hey Guys, just as a curiosity I thought you might like to see my DIY knives and a spatula from Walmart that I use.

I first bent the plastic one from out of a cheap plastic picnic set of tableware (had to get a set because they wont sell the knives separately ! PC i guess) using boiling water. Wanting metal ones, I used big pliers on a paring knife and a cheap metal dinner knife.
They work okay, better than nothing, but don't measure up to a regular painting knife. I also thought I might cut the spatula down but too much trouble.
I included my smallest regular metal painting knfe in the photo just to show I'm not completely off the reservation.

plastic one is in the middle
Enyaw yes I didn't like it when I first got it but have grown to like the marks it can make.the lemon ones are made with the knife


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Cheese, Laf, here I thought all you did was laugh an' be crazy but now I see you paint lovely works as well.