As Crocodile Dundee said, "This is a knife"



11 x 14 Alla Prima ... Knife Painting
Simply beautiful. That little punch of blue makes you want to see the full picture, not just the close-up. ;)
I absolutely love blues and browns together, so I am very attracted to this one. Well done with the knife!
A fresh feeling beauty, Wayne.
What size and type is your favorite knife? Any thoughts on plastic vs metal ones - I am inspied to do some total knife works again but can't find my metal ones.
Thank you Trier and Bizzy

Trier: I once tried plastic but much to rigid for me. Flimsy is the best... that black handle one is an Italian make .. don't make them any more. I think I paint 50 US for it about 35 years ago. Really really thin. My faves are the long ones with 3rd from the right. I used to paint only with knifes for about 2 years back then. I just started using my knife much more in the six months.
Those knives are a wip themselves. Like bricklayer's trowels. To my layman's eye they appear too crude to produce anything so subtle, and yet, they become wands, casting magic.
Yup, Arty, a few sessions.
Thanks Desforges
Thanks Patrick. Thanks for the link. I have seen her on my iPad. Yes, very impressive.
Thank you Herme. I've not used one for paint but I have heard. They should work as a large brush as they have a bend.
Thank you Lain. They can be lethal, but they work best with a grntle hand. I have never done one but I assume it would be like putting icing on a cake.
Thanks Joe ... Lain... I must remember to check my spelling .. typos like crazy :oops:

I've had this piece or ore for 50 years I am sure .. got it from some auction that was raising money for some good cause .. at least that's what I tell myself .. just love the natural formation of it. If I recall it's iron ore. Heavy thing for a 4 inch rock.
Wow wee. That is nice. I also like the natural formation. It is a good thing we are not stonemasons. You have had that as long as I have been on this rock, planet. Thanks for sharing it with us ;)
... Lain...
I have been called worse things. "Iain," for instance.
My knives look similar to yours. I like to work with the long thin ones as well, although I've also found the squared off stubby one quite good for marks lately
Trier I can't get in with the plastic ones at all.
Enyaw lovely painting, that blue is really fab


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Okay you guys, don't get mad, but these are my knives. The one in the middle I've had for 30 years, and the other two I've had for 20. And I swear to God, I do use them.


Iain: I did say lots of spelling errors .. can't smell a thing, hardly hear, barely see: an' you gotta remind me. :ROFLMAO:

Laf, that is a nice little knife .. never seen one before

Arty, I see you use them. Sandpaper cleans the blade when you forget to wipe.