Art and Humor

I'm close to renaming this thread "Art & Bad Teenaged Sexist Humor."

I agree. It's enough already. We all know what boobs look like (well, maybe not all of us). Take your dick and titty jokes to 4chan, boys.

Also, old paintings depicting people being stabbed, hung, disemboweled, or otherwise slaughtered do not qualify as humor, so find another place for those, too.

Thank you for your kind indulgence.
Hannah, thanks for your input and your efforts on behalf of CS. I used to enjoy this thread - a few dozen pages back. To me, the thread started out with interesting humor related to works of art or related to the creation of art. Then it seemed to morph into any comic someone felt was funny, art related or not. And finally became any work of art on which one could paste a crude comment. 4chan is not a term with which I am familiar. Generally, I strive to learn new things, but I think I'll give a pass to googling it, as it does not seem like a site that would stimulate the intellect.

And in the spirit of being helpful (at best) and an insufferable know-it-all (at worst), I will point out that curtains are hung and people are hanged. Although the phrase "hung in effigy" would be correct because an inanimate object is being suspended. Today I noted another grammar error in library signage, but they did not seem to care. Why does this keep happening? Oh yeah, it's Groundhog Day! ;)