Are we all clowns?…



One more along the theme “after all we are all clowns” or not…?…🤨
In any case, I like the subject. Don’t exactly know why.
Acrylics on paper.

Me, too! Each appears to be focused on something else that frightens.
Love this. Perfect reds and pinks with that touch of orange. You kill me. You inspire me. People should study you in school. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Me too! Wonderful work and subject.

I love this audio documentary on the clowns of the Pueblo Indians. (Potentially offensive content!)
Another good one! Everyone seems to be watching someone else. (Seems your characters like to smoke)
Love those oranges and reds, but your usual unique depictions of expressions are what makes this so impactful.

As to the title . . .
If that is a serious question, here is my 2 cents for your amusement.

That would depend on what definition of ‘clown’ is being used, and in what context and milieu.

If these 3 have altered their physical appearance or behavior from what is the norm in their world, then they appear to be apprehensive that something is about to happen that will unmask their deception and reveal who and what they are, and their true intentions.

A very strong image,Nufocus, but I bet my idle ruminations are not what you had in mind.
Love you interpretations, Trier! Much appreciated! Keep them coming!