Arctic Memory


This is one I did a while back, another sold one, sort of big at 48 x 60 inches. It's oil, paper and embroidery on canvas. The Hebrew is supposed to say "Arctic Memory," but after it was already finished, a Rabbi told me that it wasn't quite correct and the arctic part meant a different kind of arctic that I didn't intended. I sold it anyway.

Boy! This must be really impressive at that size IRL.
Everything, from the swirling northern lights to the reindeer unmistakeably identifies the location, and the execution appears flawless IMHO.
The black, and the ghostly small images add an element of mystery, as do the letters to those of us not that familiar with Hebrew.
The girl with the camera is so prominent that it almost makes the painting an illustration for an accompanying story, to me anyway.
Thank goodness for the warm orange passage, keeps me from freezing!

Upon further reflection, I sort of see it as an illustration of the center of Dante's Inferno from an modernized version: maybe I should have gone to bed an hour ago.

I love this Arty! From the story to the colors and the technique. The orange heat in the cold blue green really adds. ❤ ❤