Anyone using Mungyo Handmade pastels?


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Hi Folk, anyone using or tried Mungyo handmade Gallery soft pastels?
I am considering a set but where I am based, its all Amazon or Ebay and as flucky as ...... you get what I mean.
I am used to Rembrandts and getting used to Senneliers but need a quality addition to my range. Unisons and Terrys are longshots and also only available on the Azon and Ebay and kinda pricey for my abilities.
I bought some as a birthday present for a friend and she’s happy with them. I haven't tried them myself so can’t say much more. They were reasonably priced and had good reviews.
I have a full set of the Mungyo Gallery Artist Soft op's. Love them.

I'm getting thrown off by the word "handmade," because nowhere is that mentioned on the box. Is this something different?
I have a set of Mungyo and though I've only used them a few times, I've been pleased with them so far. Not sure if mine are handmade though, as my box has very little English on it.
Hi Folks thanks for all the input. I am looking at the handmade gallery soft pastels. The Code is MPHM-100W, W is for wooden box and 100 for 100 bits. The HM is handmade. The normal gallery set is similar but more like standard size pastels. The HM are much thicker. I think I may try and order. I emailed Mungyo and they actually seem to have European agents so heres hoping....
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!!!! Thank you, Murray! I've never heard of these. I was able to do a search with the code you provided. I don't see any USA/North America availability, Korea and China and I suppose UK. But they do exist and the label clearly states they are hand made. They look wider/fatter, possibly shorter than the regular Gallery Soft.

This is from their website:

Hand made Mungyo Gallery Soft op.jpg

Pretty! Want!