An essay on fetishization and the aesthetic sensibility (mission creep)


2 eyes.
😁 Well that was the original socalled working title.

A Fruitful Decay.
I like it! Makes me want to run my hands over it and feel the lumps and bumps. Fascinating. ❤️ (y)
Thanks sno, I like that response! If not quite sculpture, I guess it is sculptural/tactile. I can imagine an art that was purely for the fingers. I am not sure I would trust to reach my hand blindly into an unknown space created by a contemporary artist. Shock would undoubtedly be involved 😁
"You reach out, start back, searching the tips of your fingers for fragments of the experience". Prickly Pear 😲

Thanks for the comment ntl. The connection to the Japanese tradition is particularly appealing, likewise to the Korean, Chinese one of objectifying natural rock.

Speaking of ancient rock. I've just heard that the Rolling Stones are set to tour again. 😁 Honestly. That is what I heard.
I love the mystery of it. It's beauty and mystery together makes it crazy alluring. Like a drug.
I like the haphazard arrays of abstraction in that it creates a multitude of image plays
it strikes me and I like it a lot but I would rather not touch it. I would like to observe it from life but I would not touch it
Very interesting, Iain.
I don't know that much about sculpture, but it seem to me that this should qualify
as a bas relief sculpture for those who must find a category for everything.
Its art.
Cheers Trier! Bas relief, I must remember that.

The cup-like protusions are loosely based on a species of fungus that grows on, or feeds off of, dead wood. Namely, 'Wood Ears". Sure you needed to know that.
Love this one! It's childlike, organic, playful, cheerful (which I needed to see), and a little sinister. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ :devilish: You are awesome Iain!
And you have cheered me, too, with that, and, honestly, virtually all of your comments, and not those solely about my work. It took me ages to come back to work on this. I had to remove it from a support before I could work on it again. It sat atop the radiator by the cooker for ages. I was surprised nobody said anything.
Isn't that a dangerous place to put it? On the radiator? Or is it currently out of commission? I don't know how flammable your art is, but mine kind of is. You are secretive about your media, so I have no idea. I swear, I'm not trying to fish for your secrets. ;)

I used to do a lot more 3D type stuff like this, or in this vein, but they have been hard to store. Hannah has always given me flack for it, as some of the work have pins that go through to the other side and often poke people unless I add reinforcements so that doesn't happen. Maybe that's my sinister side.
The rad is currently out of commission, similarly the Living room/lounge with the above work stacked along one wall! I should remove them to a less public part of the house. People just do not understand things like these. Me neither.

I cannot imagine a sinister side, not for a minute. 🤎