Almeria - volcano


oil painter
Pleinair from La Isleta del Moro (Andalucia, Spain) last year. In the second photo the volcano 🌋 was not smoking, it was a cloud that gathered some days around the peak. Oil on Fabriano Tela oil paper, 18x24 cm (7x9.5 in).



Thank you for looking! C&C welcome.
Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE this one! I also did not know Fabriano make oil paper. This is fantastic moscatel! Beautiful work. Great subject matter. ♥️
Wayne, thanks. Glad you like it. My goal is to find more looseness to my work. (y)
Arty, thank you so much! The Fabriano tela paper (300 g/m2, 140 lbs) is actually quite good to paint with oils.
Thanks, JStarr. This particular pleinair was the first one l did soon after l had arrived.
Good one Mo! The water is exceptional. I get the sense of the wave rolling over the rocks. Lots of atmosphere.
Bongo, thank you. Thanks for mentioning the water and that little hint of wave b/c I didn't notice it gives an idea of wave coming and splashing to the rocks. One becomes blind for his/her own paintings. Your comment gives me hope b/c I always think I can't paint water but I still keep trying. Water is such an important element and you find it everywhere.

Jo, thank you for commenting! This painting support is quite small and my view here is quite vast so I ended up to a problem how can I fit all that to such a small frame without everything looking too funny.
From this first pleinair on l chose little bit larger canvases when headed out with easel.
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Wow! That view is amazing and your painting is gorgeous! The cliff in the distance would be a great subject on its own sometime but who could resist a “smoking” volcano?
Donna, thanks so much! Good that you mentioned the cliff, didn't think of it that way instead I found it difficult to paint.