Almeria - last pleinair


oil painter
Title says it, the last pleinair before leaving in June. It was very warm and I went to the sea to refresh several times. It was a good day.
size: 35x46 cm, oil on canvas piece. Painting has no name yet.


Thanks for looking! C&C welcome.
Oh! This is very well captured- nice use of hue-harmony, so the eye goes 'round and 'round.

Well done!
Wow, this is so beautiful! I like how you enhanced the greens on the volcano and in the water for a warmer, summery look.
Wow, great job! The whole thing is excellent, just like what's in front of you. I'm really liking that mountain! ❤️ ❤️
Sno, thanks! 💛 🌋
Yeah, that mountain was there very close to my front door so maybe that's why I painted it so often.