A rare (for me) set of stills


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Yesterday our plein air group got rained out of painting in Golden Gate Park. Fortunately, one of our members is an instructor at a local private school and she volunteered her massive, light-filled, super equipped studio classroom. She had loads of props and 8 already set up still life subjects, giving us freedom to move anything around. So some painted landscapes from reference photos, but most of us hit the easels for stills.

I haven't painted a still life in I can't think of how many years, because I'm primarily a landscape painter. But this was a no-brainer, so I took my pastels out and went at it. Two quick paintings, one from life, one from imagination.

16x12" pastel on Buttercup PastelMat, 24x18" pastel on lavender charcoal paper.
Nina's vase.jpg

Nina's sunflowers.jpg
I already commented on this in the other thread, but wanted to say again how impressive this is. Great job Bart! ❤️ 🌻
Just lovely - both of them! Sounds like you took perfect advantage of a great opportunity. Your blues here are gorgeous.
That's some cool stuff bart, I really like the outlining and detail on the first one.