45,500-year-old cave painting of a pig

Claude J Greengrass

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...according to a recent archaeological paper, that is how long ago artists on an island in modern-day Indonesia were in a cave, painting an adorable rendering of a pig. If their estimations are correct, that pig portrait could be the oldest known example of a figurative drawing, meaning a form of art that attempts to depict the real world rather than designs or patterns.

Interesting to see the handprints, which one sees a lot in cave art, from many times and places.
Looks a nice well fed pig too, it's ironic how the image of the pig remains for 45,490+ years longer than the original pig.
If the art gallery of today was really authentic, they would be found deep within the bowels of the earth, and the artists and the lovers of art, would be made to crawl, squeeze and shimmy through dark claustrophobic passages full of infernal creatures to exhibit and view the work. I'm not bitter. Shit, that is an analogy of existence.
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